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Chain stores in general marketing tactics

Looking around the market all kinds of promotional activities, in fact, most are similar, from a classification of forms and patterns up, you can generally be divided into their normal modes and non-promotional Marketing model (that is, the theme Promotions).
1: General Promotions
Conventional marketing is a chain, usually a promotional model, the content original aim in general is a discount sale, free samples, buy gifts. Of course, events can be constantly changing forms and patterns. How to make new ideas, in fact, the highest realm of conventional marketing.
(A): conventional promotional features:
1, long-term or on a regular basis. Conventional promotional activities are generally longer duration, such as a product called pain spirits made in pharmacies as long as two years before the free trial promotion;
2, solidity. A fixed location and fixed time, which is a conventional promotional activities of the most prominent manifestations of conventional promotional activities and even in some companies where it is known 'weekend promotion'.
3, quick result. Regular promotional activities to achieve results is often 'the sword, see food', sales up, but later the effect and influence are poor.
4, notice of the scene. By means of regular promotions are generally on-site promotional POP, display boards, posters, staff, etc. to explain the contents of circular promotions, rather than in the mass media to be circular.
(B): The scope of application of conventional promotional activities:
Suitable for operating groups: Economic strength, the weakness of the SMEs and small and medium agents, chain stores.
Suitable for operation of products: new products to market similar products or old products respond to competition;
Suitable for operation of the terminal: the shop has a special counter staff have been trained or have promoters stationed high traffic. (C): Conventional Promotions operating points:
1, terminal building is the basis of conventional promotions
Market, like conventional promotional base terminal, if the base is not solid, definitely not worth doing promotions. Before doing regular promotions, chain stores need to do work in three areas.
Hard terminal building: all the products retail packaged to form a unified color vision. Have done better in this regard, and a stylized eye-foil products can be taken as a hard-worthy example of the terminal building.
Soft terminal building: staff training and customer relations, maintenance of intelligence is often easy to overlook one aspect of the chain stores, chain stores manufacturers need to support, to establish a more comprehensive training system terminal to improve the front-line sales force team. Business, promoters of the fixed-point construction: the salesman or the promoters of fixed-point, which is made of chain management Innovation in a way, the author served in the corporate marketing system on the result of esteem 'base management system', while the market management implementation of the 'Zhuchaoyinfeng' strategy, one bright spot: sales volume up, and Promoters income soared good Promoters will soon be gathered together.
2, conventional marketing chain need to do regular promotions Dianmianjiege, first of all need to consider the appropriate promotional spots, and everyone promotion, every household has promotions, only scattered energy, material and financial resources. Chain choose the right promotional spots can only be effectively implemented to identify the terminal, do not unilaterally that a store sales do not increase or no sales, we engage in a promotion. 'Stagnant water is difficult to feed the fish,' This is the market experience. With the right promotion points after, and through a detailed listing of conventional promotional table all the points involved in the promotional marketing arrangements and implementation, impact assessments, sales statistics, exchange of Experience and other Information for analysis, the entire chain can be the market level, there is a general understanding of, and make timely adjustments and co-ordinate arrangements for promotions.
3, a good grasp of timing and cycles
Some chains in the new listing, a start vigorously regular promotions, the rapid introduction of a few gifts to buy preferential consumption of a few measures. In fact, a slight analysis, the results would be different from the original intention with the chains, because the chain's idea is to want to buy some gifts a few quick acceptance of new products for consumers, so that the sales volume to achieve a breakthrough, but in fact the results of it, consumers not only will not be the activities of such indifference, not to try to buy, and he will be listed on the new product prices and quality was questioned. This is obviously chains do not take into account when conventional marketing promotion timing. Choose the right time, promotions, and marketing cycle of the reasons, it is conventional marketing chain in the Development Strategy should be to seize the three focuses.

2: unconventional promotions
Non-promotional mode (also known as the theme of promotion), is also a regular participant in a chain promotional activities. Such promotional activities are generally first be manufacturers to determine the program of activities, themes, scale, form, and then by the chain is responsible for implementing, or self-imposed. The number of unconventional promotions limited, operating a larger scale, the impression among consumers is also deeper, can go on the market have a profound impact on the long-term sales, so once the manufacturers come up with a more feasible operation of the program, Many stores are willing to follow it a try.
(A): non-promotional features:
1 and instructive. Operation of non-promotional activities, the program of activities are usually proponents of the chain in the program operation, process, scale, media, communication, etc. to give overall guidance.
2, thematic. Non-promotional activities are generally want to leave a deep impression on the minds of consumers, therefore, the activities of lobbyists will be presented throughout the event an attractive theme and slogan, to attract more attention. If a manufacturer thematic activities proposed in the 'calcium needs' insurance,''calcium.
3, timeliness. Non-promotional activities will have a certain duration of the activity, 'expired for not waiting' timeliness is also a non-promotional activities to attract the audience's attention an important feature.
(B): The scope of application of unconventional promotions:
Suitable for operating groups: medium and small enterprises and chain stores
Suitable for operating cycles: for periodic promotional activities, with a certain interval cycle, usually monthly, quarterly, half a year intervals;
Be suitable for places: a large area or a shopping center or the main outdoor venues, but also according to promotional outlets in the form of a comprehensive layout.
(C): non-promotional note:
Promotional activities carried out unconventional procedures are relatively much more complex than conventional sales, chain stores also need to cost the time of the negotiation site selection, promotion team, after-sales service, media, interactive, promotional materials, support and so on comprehensive consideration.
Do unconventional promotions before the chain of understanding the recent times what consumers want, showing what kind of purchase preferences, consumer acceptance and promotions for which aspects of multi-and so on.
For consumers would like to put forward to meet their tastes theme of the promotional activities would be more touching.
For the purchase preferences, and devise additional benefits, to meet consumer preferences and preferences promotional incentives, you can win the hearts of consumers to a long-term trust.
Identical view of the current epidemic or promotional information, promotion form and thematic content on the innovation, will it be possible to form a new transmission power.
To do unconventional promotions, should also be observed at any time dynamic market trends and competing products and, based on introduction of competing products promotional interception countermeasures.
3: Supply chain business marketing and promotion
Promotions also available from the promotional side level divided: divided into vendor promotions and marketing chain.
(1): Supplier Promotions
Supplier Promotions refers to suppliers in a number of designated retail stores or supermarkets, the packaging of goods sold on special offers or discounts affixed signs, gifts, or price and so on.
Suppliers to pay the cost of chain operators are often directly related to their merchandising, then pay the ways in which suppliers to promote their own merchandise to obtain a certain degree of dominance, especially in the chain of promotion programs and activities of planning is not fine and skilled, the store promotion initiative is more important to grasp the hands of the supplier;
Usually vendors want to expand sales promotion are:
1, for the special sales to help supply (with return conditions).
2, the concentration of regional commercial advertising.
3, clearly in advertising on brand awareness advertising costs when the commitment and focus of the show, when aid flows in goods and in-store brand display advertising.
4 shops sell advertising material (photos and illustrations of the original painting).
5, plans to sell to the implementation of a substantial price.
(B): chain Promotions
Flexible and diverse forms of chain promotion, because it is often in the sales field implementation, targeted, direct stimulation of the on-site purchase, is the chain used promotional marketing tool. Currently the more common mainly in the following categories:
(1) prizes sales. To buy the more chances of winning.
(2) buy one get one free. Gifts but the same kinds of goods, or a series of products, but also other commodities, but not related, but generally lower than the value of gifts to buy goods.
(3) Sales discount. Buy the cheaper the more to stimulate the bulk purchase.
(4) The ones who enjoy sales. Mainly for backward, outdated factory direct sales of goods or merchandise ones who enjoy and pay attention to the various branches must coordinate their actions to keep prices in line in order to avoid defeating each other.
(5) The return of loans. Fortunately, daily or holiday choose a customer, or monthly, quarterly choose another day as a lucky day, the return of the purchase price shopping to stimulate the customers desire to buy.
(6) Issuance of discount card. Targeted to achieve a certain amount to purchase the number of customers, cardholders can enjoy shopping a certain percentage of discount. Discount card in the chain's outlets to be effective.
(7) on display. Of new products, live demonstrations at the store counters inside the function to introduce the use of methods to stimulate consumer interest in new products.
(8) Free sample or trial. The new packaging, new flavors of food to enable customers to enjoy free of charge, while other new products can be a free trial so as to encourage customers to use new products, and thus results in a purchase desire, as many chains are all the beauty counter perfume counters for free trial.
(9) trade-in. Chain must be combined with manufacturers to complete, that is a trade-in shops for sale of a commodity, the difference may be a larger number of customers re-submissions price.
(10) transaction printing. Printed uniformly by the chain, when in the sales donated to customers, customers will be accumulated to a certain amount of printing, it can so doing to any one branch to receive a certain amount of cash or in kind.
(11) Special packaging, is actually a sales discount approach, that is indicated on the packaging of goods part of the package for free, such as brushes with 10 bags of goods, indicating 5 free. However, to ensure the goods 'goods, a good high quality' image, businesses should be cautious method has been applied.

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